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gama.professional Master iQ perfetto - Rose Gold

Master iQ perfetto - Rose Gold

by gama.professional

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gama.professional Master iQ perfetto is the world's lightest, most powerful, and intelligent hair dryer. iQ perfetto is the product that hairstylists and consumers have always wanted; it is a product with very high performance. It is equipped with an intelligent brushless motor, an interface with digital control technology that increases the performance of the product, reducing drying time and increasing the useful life of the motor. Supplied with Oxy Active technology, it acts as a powerful antibacterial, sealing hair cuticles for longer color durability. Its innovative micro-filter prevents dirt particles from entering the motor and therefore extends its life cycle. Auto-Clean technology rotates the motor turbine in the opposite direction, allowing deep cleaning of the filter by expelling any particles left on the filter. In addition, thanks to the Venturi Effect, it multiplies the air flow delivered by the motor, without using extra power. The Memory Function technology allows to memorize the speed and the temperature among the 12 available configurations, all easily managed thanks to the digital interface. In addition, the selected configurations can be locked, by using the appropriate lock button, to avoid accidental changes during use. The 3-meter cable facilitates the work of professional styling.

Includes 1 Each:
IQ Perfetto dryer
96mm concentrator nozzle
68mm concentrator nozzle

Features & Benefits:
Weighs only 294g: it is the lightest hair dryer in the world
Intelligent brushless motor – motor speed 110.000 rpm
Interface with digital control technology
Only 78db of noise
Power 1700 watts

Please read the important information below on Premier Beauty’s policy around maintenance upkeep and returns as this does look different from our normal return policy.

GAMA does recommend having daily “clean outs” with the dryer to ensure a longer lifespan.
GAMA does recommend to complete weekly “deep cleaning” of the filter and dryer to ensure a longer lifespan.

We strongly suggest visiting iQ Perfetto - Autocleaning Function - EN to review a quick video on how to properly care and clean the GAMA Dryer.

Should you experience any challenges with your GAMA dryer you are clear to send back to Premier Beauty within the first year of purchase as long as the following steps have been taken.

The following steps must be taken:
If you issue a return with your GAMA dryer please know that the GAMA filter must be completely cleaned out prior to returning.
- A video will need to be taken of the dryer and sent to either to your Premier Account Executive and or sent directly to our Client Services Team at [email protected]

Upon arrival there is a 2 week window to evaluate the status of your dryer.
- If the dryer arrives and the above steps were not taken, we will ship the dryer back at the customers expense of a $16.50 ship charge.
- If the dryer comes back clean and is evaluated and no issues are found, the GAMA dryer will be returned back at the customers expense of a $16.50 ship charge.
- If the dryer comes back clean, is evaluated and shows to be defective a new GAMA dryer will be issued and released back to the customer with a $0 ship charge.
We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.