September/October Style Insight



  • ColorProof - Design

    Design is an intricate and incredibly rewarding element of your artistic skillset. It allows us to make moments more memorable, effortless and idyllic for our clients while exercising creativity.

    We have hand-picked some of our most requested styles to help advance your artistry in design. Complete with a deeper understanding of product support, we will unlock your potential to nail techniques for both structured and whimsical styles.

  • ColorProof - Texture

    Texture is where shape and design collide to create an endless configuration of waves, curves and zigzags that encourage movement and body within our styles.

    We are embracing and enhancing natural textures like never before, searching for the perfect balance between effortless and coiffured. We have combined the needs of the naturally and desirably curly by featuring iron skills to create multiple curl patterns in all hair textures, partnered with the perfect product cocktails for long-lasting results.

  • ELEVEN Australia - Colour EDU. Virtual Holiday Hair

    Gain an insight to fresh and modern ideas on how to create the ultimate holiday colouring and styling hair with ELEVEN Australia products, techniques, finishes. Learn must-have hints and tips to get revitalized for the Holiday season ahead.


    Using the technology available at your fingertips to research what’s happening on the red carpet, this class will give you insight in how to break down celebrity hair up styling trends and apply them appropriately to a range of clients. Gain knowledge on how to break down a single inspiration image and apply it to meet client’s red carpet and formal needs head on. It may be formal season and you need to move fast meeting a range of styling needs. Explore the time saving effect of product choice and good preparation along with the use of KEVIN.MURPHY tools. Sewing hair is an important and time saving skill to help you speed through any event season.

    Learn how to master the time saving art of sewing hair and how to create the next level of hair ups. Prepare your clients before the season in a range of time saving digital communication tips and tricks that will have you and your clients red carpet ready. 

  • MOROCCANOIL - Holiday Hair

    Spotlight the critical techniques used to prep the hair prior to styling and the methods honed by runway and editorial stylists to create truly stunning and polished hair. Analysis, transitions from simple to elegant, technical discipline, and artistic vision are combined to enhance your skill portfolio and ability to create sought-after, sellable hair