May June Style Insight




    Using the technology available at your fingertips to research what’s happening on the red carpet, this class will give you insight in how to break down celebrity hair up styling trends and apply them appropriately to a range of clients. Gain knowledge on how to break down a single inspiration image and apply it to meet client’s red carpet and formal needs head on. It may be formal season and you need to move fast meeting a range of styling needs. Explore the time saving effect of product choice and good preparation along with the use of KEVIN.MURPHY tools. Sewing hair is an important and time saving skill to help you speed through any event season.

    Learn how to master the time saving art of sewing hair and how to create the next level of hair ups. Prepare your clients before the season in a range of time saving digital communication tips and tricks that will have you and your clients red carpet ready. 

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    Learn how to identify each and every hair texture from 1a to 4c. Then we look at the product needs of highly textured to coily hair and gain the skills you must have to meet each and every client’s Retrieving data. Wait a few seconds and try to cut or copy again. application and choice that the KEVIN.MURPHY creative teams use on campaigns and runway shows. Take a dive into the editorial world of product and see in real time how we achieve the iconic texture, shapes and results.

    OUTCOMES: Identify your client’s texture and learn how to communicate creative new ways to use KEVIN.MURPHY products. You will gain the skills required to become a true expert in product application and cocktailing with tips and tricks from the editorial world that will take your styling to the next level and your skills global.

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  • Moroccanoil - Knots and Braids

    Knotting and braiding are critical techniques sought after by an ever-expanding, fashion-aware clientele. Updated annually, our Knots & Braids course showcases the techniques used to create three detailed looks that are designed to be playful, expressive, and adventurous.

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    Course Focus:
    Moroccanoil product usage
    Demonstrations and hands-on styling and braiding on a mannequin
    New product focus