• Hotheads - Pro

    In this hands-on course, stylists will learn company history, product knowledge, marketing, and proper consultation. A stylist will apply Hotheads products ranging from Originals, Ultimate’s, Micro Strands, Pastels, & Fantasy. Learn how to accurately blend, remove and reapply Hotheads Hair Extensions. Seats are limited, guarantee your spot today.

  • Hotheads 360 - Cutting Techniques

    This course is designed for stylists to increase income by expanding their extension business. Stylists will gain technical and business expertise in extensions.

    Customized Cutting Class – Hands-On: Learn 3 techniques for cutting extensions and how to apply & cut extensions for corrective work. Ticket includes: Client Consultation.

    Click here to view flyer for 11/4 - Grand Rapids, MI

  • Hotheads Concept

    Educate stylists in product knowledge, product usage, marketing, consultation, pre-application, application, cutting, maintenance, removal, and re-application. This course will include a full application demonstration and stylist interaction, as well as the removal and reapplication process for Hotheads Hair Extensions.

    Click here to view flyer for 7/22 - Deerfield, IL
    Click here to view flyer for 10/7 - Grand Rapids, MI