LEAF & FLOWER CBD Instant Volume Shampoo 12 Fl. Oz.

CBD Instant Volume Shampoo


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LEAF & FLOWER CBD Instant Volume Shampoo is designed to thicken, volumize and strengthen fine/thin hair. Too much moisture at the scalp and strands tend to become limp and lifeless. Not enough moisture and roots lose their lift and hair feels brittle, looks flat.
Centered around extensive research and testing, Leaf & Flower has pioneered a breakthrough plant derived technology that synthesizes with key cannabinoids to correct this imbalance, resulting in the formation of healthy thicker-looking strands and a remarkable boost in natural volume throughout the hair without damage or dryness.
CBD Instant Volume regimen targets both the scalp and follicle to facilitate an internal and external transformation of the hair.
Utilizing a combination of phyto-molecular actives, an exclusive CBD Corrective Complex and hyperbranched molecules, these innovative formulas optimize nourishment of the hair bulb, rebalance the scalp and build an internal and external frame on hair fiber groups to elicit the formation of thicker strands, create natural lift at the root and deliver a notable boost in fullness and body without residue or stiffness.

Features & Benefits:
Removes impurities
Phyto-molecular actives boost volume
Restores body to areas weighed down by build up
Color Safe