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Dyson HEPA Cool Formaldehyde purifier- White/Gold

HEPA Cool Formaldehyde purifier- White/Gold

by Dyson

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The Dyson HEPA Cool Formaldehyde purifying fan has the most advanced filtration system and combines a precise, solid-state formaldehyde sensor with a unique catalytic filter that continuously destroys formaldehyde.¹ A filter removes gases and odors and a HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns in size. Integrated sensors constantly analyze the air, while Dyson's unique algorithm cross-checks data every second. It diagnoses pollutants at a molecular level, displaying live results on the LCD screen. The Dyson catalytic filter continuously¹ traps and breaks down formaldehyde molecules into water and CO₂. And it never needs replacing. Air Multiplier™ technology generates circulation power to draw distant pollutants into the machine, projecting over 77 gallons a second of purified air throughout the room.²

1. Third party full machine testing based on GB/T 18801-2015 formaldehyde cumulative clean mass testing with continuous injection until plateau of formaldehyde CADR is achieved. Results may vary in practice.
2. In maximum setting. Tested for air projection (DTM801) and purification coverage in a 2860ft³ room (TM-003711). Capture rates vary.
3. Particle challenge by DEHS oil specified in EN1822 within a chamber specified in ASTM F3150. Tested in Max Mode, for whole machine efficiency above 99.95%.
4. Requires device to run app, Wi-Fi or mobile data, Bluetooth 4.0 support, and iOS version 10 or Android version 5 (or above). Standard data and messaging rates may apply.

Features & Benefits:
Automatically senses, captures, and traps pollutants for cleaner air
Fully sealed to HEPA H13 standard³
Precisely detects formaldehyde
Projects over 77 gallons of air a second for cooling airflow
Backwards airflow mode: diverts airflow through the back of the machine, to purify, without cooling you
Control and monitor your air quality from anywhere using the MyDyson app.4 Control it hands-free with compatible voice services (Works with Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Home).4
HEPA filter: HEPA H13
Easy filter care with automatic filter-life notifications on the LCD or MyDyson app.
Oscillates up to 350˚
Sounds power level: 59.8 dBA
Additional remote control
Weight: 10.7 lbs
Height: 41 inch
Length: 4.75 inch
Width: 8.7 inch
Cord Length: 8.8 ft
Number of speeds: 10
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