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KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.ME ULTIMATE.LIGHTENER is for achieving brilliant blonde results while preserving the integrity of the hair. Experience maximum lift and clean blonde results with up to 9 levels of lift and bond protection.

Features & Benefits:
Delivers up to 9 levels of lift
Protects while lifting preserving the integrity of the hair
Creates clean blonde results
Formulated with naturally derived ingredients
In a non-metallic bowl, mix a 1:2 ratio of ULTIMATE.LIGHTENER with CREAM.ACTIVATOR in either 10 VOL. (3%), 20 VOL. (6%), 30 VOL. (9%), or 40 VOL. (12%).
Development time: 45-90 minutes.
Sugar Derivatives:
Why it is in this product: The Sugar Derivatives in ULTIMATE.LIGHTENER protect the integrity of the hair.
Ingredient function: Protects the hair during the lightening process.
Origin: Fruit sugar.
Why it is special: Sugar offers natural support during the lightening process.
Interesting thing to know about this ingredient: Inulin, a prebiotic and sugar derivative, comes from vegetables such as chicory or artichoke or is created enzymatically from sucrose. This sugar derivative has a myriad of uses from food to supplements to hair care and can also be used as a diagnostic tool to help measure kidney function.
How this ingredient works: Polysaccharides are great at grabbing water, chemically, and delivering it to the scalp and hair.
Result on the hair: Strong, healthy hair even after lightening!

Hydrolysed Rice Protein:
Why it is in this product: Hydrolysed Rice Protein delivers stronger, more voluminous hair with more shine and flexibility.
Ingredient function: Strengthens and adds volume.
Origin: Rice protein powder is made by grinding up rice grains and treating them with an enzyme that separates the starch (carbohydrate) from the protein.
Why it is special: Rice Protein is rich in Amino Acids which are the building blocks of hair. Interesting thing to know about this ingredient: According to a 2010 study from the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, Japanese women from the Heian Period (in 794 to 1185 AD) combed their floor-length hair with Yu-Su-Ru, or rinse water, from the washing of rice. Rice, according to the study, is widely known as an essential food in the Japanese diet, and “Yu-Su-Ru exhibited haircare effects, such as reducing surface friction and increasing hair elasticity.”
How this ingredient works: Penetrates the hair shaft to deliver thicker, stronger strands.
Result on the hair: Fuller, stronger hair with improved elasticity.

Black Cumin Seed Oil:
Why it is in this product: Helps to improve the integrity of the hair and delivers luminous shine.
Ingredient function: Infuses the hair with luminous shine.
Origin: When it is 100% pure, and cold-pressed, Black Cumin Seed Oil is sourced from Eastern Europe, Western Asia and the Middle East.
Why it is special: Not only does Black Cumin Seed Oil provide illustrious shine, it can also help soothe the scalp. Also, rumour has it that Cleopatra, herself, used Black Cumin Seed Oil to keep her own hair shiny.
Interesting thing to know about this ingredient: Since ancient times, people from the Middle East, Asia, China and India have seen strong therapeutic benefits of Black Cumin Seed Oil when used as a part of a regular regimen. The seeds that the oil comes from are named ‘Habbatul barakah’ which means ‘seeds of blessing’ in Arabic.
How this ingredient works: By helping to lay the cuticle flat, Black Cumin Seed Oil is able to reflect light.
Result on the hair: Brilliant, luminous shine.