ReTouch.Me Salon Intro


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Receive FREE Testers as a part of the KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.ME Salon Intro to cover roots and touch up color. A root touch-up spray with a dry, satin finish to quickly and discreetly color hair and blend or cover greys between color services. A lightweight, fine mist spray with micro-fine pigments that conceal with no flakiness or residue.

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Purchase 5 Each:
RETOUCH.ME Light Brown 1 oz.
RETOUCH.ME Auburn 1 oz.
RETOUCH.ME Dark Brown 1 oz.
RETOUCH.ME Black 1 oz.

Receive 1 Each FREE:
RETOUCH.ME Light Brown Tester 1 oz.
RETOUCH.ME Auburn Tester 1 oz.
RETOUCH.ME Dark Brown Tester 1 oz.
RETOUCH.ME Black Tester 1 oz.
RETOUCH.ME Acrylic Countertop Display

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