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Get the Look: Katie Ermilio NYFW with Eufora


Replicate this look from the Katie Ermilio Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection for New York Fashion Week. 

1. Section headband parting from ear to ear dividing front from back.

2. Create a center part from front hairline to meet headband, clip front out of the way.

3. Carve out a triangle section at drop crown from the headband part in top zone 1 (change size of section based on density) and clip away.

4. Starting at nape, lightly back comb sections in the back up to triangle using Powder Lift

5. Brush front side section down and back with a sleek finish, exposing half of the ear. Pin low at center back. Repeat on the other side crisscrossing sections in back with nape section straight down and securing with Details Dry Spray Wax

6. Drop and smooth remaining triangle section down to drape over the crisscrossed sides in the back, finishing with Details Dry Spray Wax. 

7. Hair sewing: Stitch horizontally along neck line to condense flat and low.

8. Set ribbon over stitching in the back using Elevate hairspray and Illuminate Shine Mist

Eufora NYFW Katie Ermilio 2016
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