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If you loved LUXURY.WASH & RINSE—look out! This new “kid on the block” will leave your locks frizz-free but will also strengthen, replenish moisture and seal the ends for a super luminous shine and finish!

SMOOTH.AGAIN.WASH & RINSE smoothing shampoo and conditioner for thick, coarse hair will define natural curls and control frizz for those with straight or wavy hair.

This new regimen doesn’t only smooth the hair, either. The technology inside this product uses a very targeted approach to smooth, refine and restore the structure of the hair. The ions present in Biomimetic Keratin Protein actually target the most damaged areas, leading to a weightless deposit of the active ingredient where it is needed most.

With the release of this new offering, it’s very important to understand how it stands side-by-side with other KEVIN.MURPHY treatment regimens to ensure your client is given the absolute best recommendation.


This smoothing trio is a targeted regimen that protects the hair from humidity, restores the hair
weightlessly and seals the hair shaft for a luminous finish. It is designed for clients looking to provide
a smooth finish to their hair and fight humidity. It does the following things beautifully:
- Fights free radical invasion that leads to frizziness
- Makes the hair supple and luminous
- Repairs cracks in the hair’s surface


The REPAIR.ME trio is a repairing and moisturizing series engineered to build protein back into the hair. It uses an enzyme delivery system (newest technology) to fill in the cracks of damaged hair and bring back luster and shine. It is designed for clients looking to repair damaged hair in need of protein and to reduce brittleness and improve the overall hair’s structure. Here’s what it does:
- Replenishes
- Adds strength
- Rebuilds the hair from the inside out
- Repairs the hair on a cellular level


The YOUNG.AGAIN trio is a deep conditioning, restorative series created to renew luster to dry, damaged and brittle hair. This trio targets hair, sealing in hydration and moisture. It is designed for clients whose
main focus is to fight the aging of their hair and restore its luster and shine. This is what YOUNG.AGAIN does best:
- Deep conditions
- Softens the hair
- Restores the hair to a “young again” state

Here are some other ingredients we love in the new SMOOTH.AGAIN.WASH & RINSE from KEVIN.MURPHY:
Monoi Oil- This has a high concentration of Lauric Acid and Vitamin E. Monoi Oil will heal and repair, resulting in protection, frizz reduction and a smooth, luminous hair surface.

Sunflower Seed Extract- This is high in Vitamin E and protects from UV light exposure.

Olive Fruit Oil- Considered an anti-aging ingredient, this oil also contains antioxidant-rich Vitamin E and a high level of monounsaturated fatty acids to moisturize, protect and nourish.

Keratin Protein Amino Acids- This maintains an acid balance and also transports substances such as oxygen, vitamins and minerals to targeted cells throughout the body. This, in turn, creates structural proteins, such as Collagen and Keratin Protein, which are responsible for the formation of hair. They provide healthy hair and hair bulbs, and a longer growing cycle, leading to a better overall hair appearance.

Cocoa Butter- This can be used as an effective treatment to add smoothness and moisture to fine hair without weighing it down or clogging. Due to being high in Vitamin E and minerals, hair is soothed, smoothed and protected with added strength. Another added bonus: Cocoa Butter is a by-product of making chocolate!

Block free radicals, heat styling and humidity that can cause frizz and add a smooth finish to your hair with SMOOTH.AGAIN.WASH & RINSE by KEVIN.MURPHY. Register or log in to order through Premier Beauty.

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