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Premier Beauty’s Top 5 for Fall


Michele Salvadore
My product choice is Pigments. Pigments are six concentrated colors that are incredibly versatile, unlike any other product in the hair color industry. They are completely customizable, able to be added to any product, offering endless possibilities to your client’s hair color; icy blondes, vibrant reds, rich mahoganies, just to name a few. Pigments are suitable for natural, color-treated or bleached hair.

Katherine Moraetes
My go-to fall product would be my Eufora ElixirOne. As humidity dies away, the ability to style my hair in multiple ways has finally returned. In order to maintain the growth and soft texture I developed in the spring and summer from lack of heat styling and consistently using Eufora's Nourishing Line, my ElixirOne acts as my healthy hair preservative. It's sage and thyme base keep moisture locked in and damage out so I can curl and straighten my hair again guilt free. The best part is, it's so lightweight and ingredient friendly, that I use it as a skin serum for dry skin around my neck and chest in the fall as well (plus the smell is phenomenal)! Eufora's ElixirOne is my cold weather life saver in many ways.

Scott Philip Bunner
For fall I LOVE the HYDRATE.ME.MASQUE as a weekly at home treatment. Rose Hip and Evening Primrose moisturize, HYDRATE, and soften hair while vitamin infused treatment capsules that explode on contact deliver a nutrient rich punch to dry hair.

Diana Chindamanee
With Fall approaching, the leaves are turning and it's pumpkin season. Time to get to the salon and turn the blonde into brunette! With seasonal changes comes hair change. I like to keep my hair heathy and nourished with Keune's Care Line Vital Nutrition Intensive Hair Repair. I use this mask once a week in the shower and I leave it on 5-20 minutes. It keeps my hair silky soft in between color appointments.

Anita Mijic
My go-to fall product is Moroccanoil's Dry Texture Spray. It's the first thing I reach for when I want to undo my waves to create an effortlessly undone look. It's a fun-to-use product that gives you full control over your look - creating shape and volume as you go. Doesn't hurt that is smells lovely, too. 

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