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Online Shopping is Key


Premier has seen a large increase over the past six months in mobile traffic to our website and online ordering platform. Since re-launching our online ordering system in September, we’ve seen a massive jump in the number of salons ordering online and taking advantage of our free freight on all web orders over $200.

Diving a bit more into online shopping...

The online store gives you—the salon owner—the ability to order when and where you want, independent of Premier’s corporate hours and etc. We’re committed to making improvements to the site daily and continually innovating our online system to make your ordering easier.

My favorite feature, and how I personally do orders on the web, is the “Shopping Lists” function. It’s a little time-consuming to set up, but once you’ve customized all your regularly ordered products into Shopping Lists, you’ll get the fastest ordering experience possible. Check out the quick tutorial next to my Editor’s Note and get your Shopping Lists set up today.

Riding the excitement and energy from our Brazilian Blowout launch in early January, we’re excited to announce that Premier Beauty will launch UNITE in late April, adding the fashion-forward, educationally driven brand to our portfolio.

As always, thanks for your continued support and partnership.


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