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Meet Rebecca Emmitt, February Educator of the Month


By Erin Noha

Congratulations to Rebecca Emmitt, our February Educator of the Month!

She had a hot second to catch up with Premier Beauty about KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.ME during a three-week road trip from Texas to Atlanta to receive more education. It’s this passion and dedication to COLOR.ME that earned Emmitt the Premier Beauty February Educator of the Month.

Hard work pays off!!!! So happy to announce that I am now a Gold.Key Color.Key & I LOVE Kevin.Murphy!!!!! COLOR.ME EDUCATOR!!!!

Posted by Rebecca's Salon Studio at Salon Lofts on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

“Ever since I’ve been using COLOR.ME, I’m on a whole new level,” she said. “I don’t even think about other color lines anymore.”

The session styling and artistry originally drew her to the brand. Ever since she picked up her first bottle of HAIR.RESORT, she was able to create amazing styles. COLOR.ME allowed her to do the same, but with color. She loves the versatility and fact that it’s a small, compact line—perfect for her Salon Loft in Fairlawn.

“It’s very easy to switch over. Everything is intermixable up to four shades. I can mix up to four colors together to create my own. It’s so simple.”

The chocolate hair colors are gorgeous, she said. The line is also ammonia-free, provides amazing shine and gives 100% gray coverage. Plus, there are no fumes from the lightener.

“I have clients that had irritations before and they have no scalp irritations whatsoever with this color line.”

The smell is also a huge plus.

“When I use the color I feel like I’m using product because it smells so good. The Rose Hip smells so good I just want to eat it.”

Before we departed, she recommended sending clients home with STAYING.ALIVE and instructing them to use every day. The product balances pH, seals the cuticle and locks in the color.

“Everybody loves COLOR.ME. As soon as they try it, they switch over. The demand is certainly growing.”

View more of Rebecca’s work on Instagram and Facebook and shop the entire KEVIN.MURPHY line at Premier Beauty.

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