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Meet Jeannie Jachman, August Educator of the Month


Nobody sums it up better than Jeannie Jachman, Eufora Technical and Color Trainer and Stylist at The Studio for Hair in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

“For me, I feel like my life's purpose is to make the world a more beautiful place as an educator and hairdresser.”

We have selected Jeannie Jachman as Premier Beauty’s August Educator of the Month! Read more about Jachman’s education journey below:

Why did you become an educator?

For me, I've always been an education junkie. There's an expression in the Eufora community that the teacher learns the most. I knew that by getting the opportunity to take more education and give back, I would have more to learn and more to offer.

If someone has to ask you why, you have to think about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Education is about breaking down your process and making it easier to build something new.

What’s your best advice for anyone who wants to be a true colorist?

Learn your color wheel and know it inside and out. Memorize the underlying pigments, too.

Ultimately, if you have a great base of color knowledge, you need to maximize your consultation to be a great colorist. Consultation is key and we all see color differently

A consultation can make or break the color for a guest. How do they see that hair color they’re showing you? Are they looking for dimensional color? What's their price point? Skin tone and eye color also play a big part.

Asking a guest something as simple as “Do you want your hair color to whisper, speak or shout?” is a great way to improve your consultation. That’s one thing I learned at 3D Image Crafting from Connie Kecskes, Eufora Global Team Educator/YOU School Instructor.

How has becoming an educator influenced your life in the salon?

It builds credibility with the guest because I’ve invested in education and knowledge. I'm not just doing their hair, I'm educating them. It's such a natural transition.

It’s also about building confidence. You take education to: (1) learn something new, (2) be reminded of what you know or (3) get validation. Education empowers the stylist to make recommendations behind the chair.

Where do you draw inspiration from to use behind the chair?

I find inspiration everywhere. It's just like breathing. I love the outdoors, so nature is a huge influence. I look to nature and how it evolves and think beauty and culture evolve the same way.

I could be driving across the state to teach a class and find something I like in the texture and shape of a tree. The barren browns and grays to a burst of life in the spring is so beautiful.

Iconic professionals and stylists—new and old—also drive my inspirations. I also look at and NAHA winners.

Best educator moment?

It's when you're not sure if you were able to reach or touch somebody and, days later, they’ll tag you on a social media post, mastering what you taught them.

What has educating taught you?

To insert a Game of Thrones reference, educating has taught me that “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” It's humbling because we don't know what we don't know. I don’t have all the answers but together we can find them.

Favorite trend?

I really do love hair painting. I know it's not new and there's such a large umbrella to balayage, but I love the freedom that it gives the artist. Creativity is only as limited as you are.

What’s your favorite product and why?

Choosing one is impossible. There isn't just one, but I have a dynamic duo for fine, lifeless hair: Eufora’s Full Effect, a dry texturizing spray, and Eufora’s Details, a dry spray wax. I use them both on dry hair. Full Effect amps up the lifeless hair to give it body and texture. Details pieces it out and gives it body. From short to long hair, I like this product cocktail for the versatility.

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