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Meet Dana Gones-Sillar, April Educator of the Month


Hotheads Hair Extensions have the ability to transform clients beyond a cut and color—even beyond the actual extension application. They have the ability to transform your life and your client’s life.

“I am definitely obsessed with extensions. It’s a passion project of mine,” said Dana Gones-Sillar, a Hotheads Educator and stylist at Versed Salon in Plainfield, Illinois.

She enjoys surprising stylists with just how easy it is to use extensions, which is why we’ve selected Dana as our Premier Beauty April Educator of the Month! Learn more about her thoughts on education below:

How important is it to educate on extensions?

Stylist think they know how to apply extensions when really they’ve only learned how to apply one type. There are so many different lines out there and different methods of application and removal. It’s easy to get overwhelmed.

If you know what you’re doing and put it in the right way, it can literally change someone’s life. Once you open a stylist’s eyes to the possibilities, they open their eyes to the possibilities.

What are the possibilities with Hotheads Hair Extensions?

They’re doable for everyday life. Most stylists only think of extensions for length but there are so many other things you can do like updos, proms, weddings and haircut corrections.

If a blonde wants lowlights, they’ll want to take them out sooner or later. Instead of having to go through with the coloring, do extensions.

What makes Hotheads unique?

What really separates Hotheads is the easy removal and reapplication process. No residue and no glue. I promise you, this will make your life so much easier. Once applied, the extensions will need to be readjusted every eight to 10 weeks. They last for three adjustments.

It’s also not a huge time commitment! Most people have families and kids. Nobody wants to sit there for four hours of their day. It’s a win-win for everybody.

How do you get more extension clients?

It’s the ongoing joke that you’re also a therapist if you’re a stylist. When they sit in your chair, they have no problem railing off 10 to 20 dislikes about their hair.

If they say it doesn’t grow, it’s too thin, it lacks volume or they wish they had highlights or lowlights, you can have an answer and solution for them with extensions. They might go home and think about it, then come back for their next visit and decide they want to try it.

Do you have any advice for those trying to break into the business?

Do your homework – don’t just pick up a line anywhere. Invest in a Hotheads class. I’m not just saying that as an educator. A month ago I gave the salon I work at a formal class. They said it was the best class they’ve ever had—it blew their mind.

To request a class, contact your representative at Premier Beauty. For more Hotheads, browse the brand on our site and purchase your favorites.

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