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Meet Chad White, November Educator of the Month


When did you discover that you wanted a career in the beauty industry?

I heard my calling while pursuing a degree in nursing. I was working in a nursing home and saw the change in a person’s demeanor when they had their hair brushed and were put together. It was a dramatic difference and I instantly became hooked on that reaction. That was 25 years ago and I have never regretted my change in career path. 

Which iconic hairstyles do you love?

Iconic styles that I love…that’s a hard one. The Jennifer Aniston “Rachel” will always hold a special place for me as it was the HOT style for the first several years of my career. The era of the teased and sculpted updo is also a favorite. It’s hard to choose when the clients persona has such an impact on the end result. 

What do you think are some of the most inspiring things happening in hair currently?

I think the most exciting thing in our industry is the technology applied to not only product lines but everything else. Our industry is changing so fast—it’s fun to watch new stylists build businesses in ways that weren't even invented when I started. Social media has had an epic impact on us. One of the most amazing changes I’m seeing industry-wide is the realization from stylists of how deeply they affect the lives of their guests. So much of what we do is not about hair at all. It’s the awakening that’s inspiring. 

Do you think hairdressing is a skill that successful beauty professionals are born with or is it one that can be cultivated and perfected?

The technical aspects of our career and most other careers, I believe, can be taught to just about anyone. However, I also feel that things won’t click if they don’t come from the heart. Why? What we do requires us to give all our energy, creativity, compassion and knowledge. If it isn’t truly in your nature to do these things from your heart, you will be very unsatisfied behind the chair. For me, happiness from my guest is my addiction and I can’t even imagine a life without it. 

How has ColorProof product changed your business?

ColorProof has changed my business in many ways, but most impactful has been simply our saying that’s on every bottle we manufacture: “Superior Color Protection Guaranteed.” It’s the gospel truth and once a client experiences rich, true-to-tone color from appointment to appointment, they are sold. It makes my job so much easier and remember, a happy guest is a repeat guest!

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