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First Look at Premier Beauty's Newest Brand, Go 24•7


Go 24•7, created by Unite Hair Care, offers luxury grooming products for the the modern man. Since its launch in 2012, it’s created quite the buzz. David Beckham recently mentioned Go 24•7 as his favorite brand, the Senior Artistic Director cuts Ruby Rose’s hair (yes, that Ruby Rose) and their products have more than 700 reviews on BirchBox.

Everything in the line blends and builds without breaking down. For the everyday man, this is important. A lot more men are starting to care about what they look like, whether it’s their hair, skin or body. It’s important that their hair holds up throughout the day.

It could help your bottom line, too. When your client comes in for a haircut, having a brand that stands only for them is extremely important for revenue. They may be more likely to buy because they feel comfortable; men want a brand on their own created purely for them.

The black and gold bottles are approachable and fragranced with a sexy, energizing blend of ginseng and macadamia nut. They offer five different tubs of styling product as well as a gel, hairspray, body wash and Mint Thickening Shampoo.

Cream Wax Tutorial

Styling Cream Tutorial

Encourage men to use their styling products liberally to get the luxury look they want. Go 24•7 offers a complete, designer grooming collection with the essentials to help every man create his own iconic style. Shop the Go 24•7 line at Premier Beauty.

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