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Education is Key for Premier Style Shows


By Erin Gignac

The Premier Style Show is not about sales, products or competition. Although most agree that our products are the best, at the end of the day hairspray is hairspray—this is why the Premier Style Show is all about education. 

“It’s very Kumbaya-ish,” said Lauren Kerchill, Education Manager for Premier Beauty. “It’s weird.”

It is weird, yet in the face of major beauty shows and conferences the team behind the Premier Style Show sticks to its guns, focusing on education in an intimate setting. With one more show on the slate for 2015—Chicago in October—they’re just getting started.

“Stylists learn that all products are different, but at the end of the day you can learn from every brand whether you use it or not,” she said.

This year, they added a second day onto the show for workshops that allow stylists to ask their most pressing questions and learn techniques. Each workshop contains a different technique with a different brand.

“The workshops definitely help people with inspiration,” she said. “It’s a chance for them to ask somebody who’s been there and done it.”

They’re not just demonstrating big show hair, either. The creative styles and techniques can be applied directly to a stylists’ work behind the chair. Whether it’s cutting, color, styling or business practices, everyone can find something that speaks to them. No matter the skill level, Premier Beauty wants to welcome all levels of skill to the Style Show.

“It’s really for everyone in all stages of their career path in hair,” she said.

Even the hair artists will watch other teams take the stage and perform, which is her favorite part.

“I like to see all the artists interact,” she said. “From the day of prep, the model call, morning prep, watching at the show and meeting after for the VIP—it’s really fun to watch them learn from each other.”

That includes stylists in the audience too. In the past, artists have asked audience members to help them cut hair on stage. They also field questions during the segments as well, which may be different than the average show. It’s much more up close and personal.

The stylists aren’t quick to push products either. The artists relate the product and the finished look to all brands, which keeps the main focus on learning and getting better at your craft.

“I don’t run a flea market. We don’t sell product. We don’t sell deal sheets. It’s strictly education.”

Register online for the Chicago 2015 Premier Style Show. Early bird pricing ends on September 24.

Premier Beauty Style Show - Chicago 10/27/14 

Erin Gignac covers stories for Premier Beauty. Follow her on Twitter or view more of her work here.

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