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Create Two Looks using Keune Tinta Color


By Erin Gignac

George Alderete’s mind blooms with the hair color possibilities that stem from a single autumn leaf. 5.7.9. Red. Copper. Gold.

The Keune Academy Training Facilitator needs no introduction but we should mention that the expert hair colorist is a three-time NAHA nominated Hair Color finalist who has shown his work in Vogue, People, InStyle and Modern Salon, not to mention on TV shows like The Hills (Lauren Conrad’s colorist) and America’s Next Top Model.

He names dimensional color and visual texture as his favorite playgrounds in the game of hair color and gives advice like an old friend.

“Explore everyone’s education. There’s so many different points of view that might ignite an idea for you.”

There’s no better way to play around with color than with the Keune Tinta Permanent Color, as learning and experimenting is a main stepping-stone to improving your coloring skill.

The art of hair color is a constant learning process and one that he said he’s still honing in his successful career. The more experience you gain, the better it gets.

“Once you understand fundamentals of color you can begin to play with it.”

As light plays with dark, cool plays with warm, he said he loves how the illusions in dimension make people feel a certain way.

“There’s nothing more satisfying than when a client or model turns around and says to you ‘I love my hair color.’”

Create the Look: NL.7

Foil application using diagonal slices throughout to create a full bodied Hazelnut Blonde with Keune Ultimate Blonde Series.
Step 1: Apply in foil Special Blonde 1038 Hazel Blonde with 30 Vol. Tinta Cream Developer. Mixing Ratio 1:1.
Step 2: Apply in foil Super Ash Blonde 1531 Super Amber Blonde with 40 Vol. Tinta Cream Developer. Mixing Ratio 1:2. Process up to 40 minutes to desired color result. 

Create the Look: NL.6

Step 1: Apply to base Tinta Color 6.46 Dark Copper Red Blonde with 20 Vol. Tinta Cream Developer. 
Step 2: Apply to mid-lengths and ends Tinta Red Infinity Series 7.46 RI Medium Infinity Copper Red Blonde with 20 Vol. Tinta Cream Developer. Process for 30 minutes. 

Log in or register at Premier Beauty to purchase Keune Tinta Permanent Color. To find more of Alderete’s looks, join his page on Facebook, George Alderete-ColorboyGeo.

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