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5 Tips To Steal from the Chicago Style Show


Steve DeCaro from Eufora teaches a cutting class at the Premier Style Show in Chicago.
Steve DeCaro from Eufora teaches a cutting class at the Premier Style Show in Chicago.
By Erin Noha

The theme of “texture” weaved the 2015 Chicago Style Show together. No matter where you looked, no matter what brand was presenting, educators showcased ways to create movement in a client’s hair.

The Premier Style Show in Chicago connected 350 stylists and educators for two days of training, creativity and inspiration. KEVIN.MURPHY, Eufora, Keune and Moroccanoil presented on the stage at Park West Music Hall on Day 1 and Keratage, Hotheads Hair Extensions, Eufora, Keune and KEVIN.MURPHY presented hands-on instruction in classes at W Chicago Lakeshore Hotel on Day 2.

Before we continue, we would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to the Bewley and Eufora International Family. Loving Husband and Father and Eufora International Co-Founder Don Bewley passed away on Friday, Oct. 30, a few days after teaching at the Premier Style Show. Don was a true friend, class act and leader who inspired everyone who knew him. He is missed greatly by his Premier Beauty Family.

“There were so many different aspects of texture on stage, be it braids, crimping, curling or transitioning a style,” Abbey Carli, stylist at Eufora-exclusive Mint salon, said. “They were showing off styles you already do, but showcasing them in different ways to reach the end result. We’ll definitely take those tips back to the salon.”

Along with the theme, we gathered some tips from the Style Show that you can bring back to your salon.

Tip #1

Take the ear out of the equation with this cutting tip from Eufora International Co-Founder Don Bewley: Tap the ear and cut the hair that falls behind it, then cut the hair that falls in front of it. That way, the cut falls more naturally. ‪‬

Tip #2

When doing a fade on a male client, “Think square and soft, not stamped and round,” said Steve DeCaro from Eufora.
“The book says to stamp it in. Don’t go by the book,” he said.

Tip #3

Eufora Global Team Educator Mirza Batanovic said there’s a key question you need to ask your client after performing an updo: “Would you like to adjust anything?”

Tip #4

Don’t call your salon’s color services a “Full or Partial Highlight.” Instead, call them “Visual Texture with Color Application.” This tip comes courtesy of George Alderete, Keune Academy Training Facilitator.

Tip #5

Moroccanoil educators taught a cool technique on how to create tight curls. Twist the hair on the end of a metal tail comb and flat iron over it. It creates an extremely tight curl on fine, baby hair.

The biggest achievement of the show was the ability to bring multiple brands together, all for the sake of education.

“We all have the same passion, but a different vibe and way we approach it. I love that they allow us to come together and share our message with the customer,” George Alderete said. 

Jeffrey Mayo, Eufora Global Team Educator, mentioned that Eufora International Co-Founders Don and Beth Bewley had everything to do with making him so passionate about educating stylists.

“We were taught to educate from a knowledge base by our founders, Don and Beth Bewley. This way, we’re walking the walk and talking the talk. They really trained us to become who we are.”

Education was the main point behind the whole show. No selling and no product promotion.

“The days of showboating are over,” said Mirza Batanovic. “How we inspired each other is what stuck out the most. We’re showing you what we have, what we can achieve with that product and then you can pick what’s best for you.”

Tony Ricci from KEVIN.MURPHY thought it was refreshing to hear that he didn’t have to sell any product.

“They told me to have fun, educate and inspire. That’s great to hear from a distributor. Usually the first thing a distributor does is hand you a deal sheet and say, ‘Can you sell this?’ Product is great—we all need it—but it shouldn’t be the forefront. Education should be the forefront.”

Natalie Sorenson was excited to be a hair model for the KEVIN.MURPHY brand. Her uncle is Jason Hall, Managing Director and Co-Owner of RED 7 SALONS that sells KEVIN.MURPHY.

“I’m excited to represent the creativity of the brand,” she said. “It’s art. It’s a new piece of artwork and my hair is the canvas today.”

The crowd loved the energy of the show. Rachel Harned, Owner of Bombshell Blow Dry Bar and Full Service Salon in Holland, Michigan, said the feedback she got from her stylists was very useful. Their salon was very inspired by the styling from KEVIN.MURPHY.

“We’re going to try to get into hair sewing,” Stylist Natalie Weaver said.

The Premier Beauty team would like to extend a thank you to all the stylists, educators, brands that helped make the 2015 Style Show circuit successful. To get more insight from the Premier Style Show, follow us on Facebook.

Erin Noha covers stories for Premier Beauty. Follow her on Twitter or view more of her work here

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